Three Simple Things that lead to wealth

Get rich in your business requires only three simple things. Forget all the complicated MBA claptrap; if the company profs really knew what they were doing, why they would not be out there doing it instead of teaching? Ditto for all the specialized business books crowding the shelves chain bookstores. It just breaks my heart when I go to the bookstore and see all that nonsense. I browse thousands of these books, it seems, they are nothing but one frustration after another – because the people who write them tend to be either business professors who have never been in business for himself, former governors Giant Fortune 1000 companies, which do not have the first clue about running a small business or accountants who love to try to make the company seem as complicated and confusing as possible.

It breaks my heart to see this because I love being self-employed – and so many people are scared away from the possibility of all this baffling business books. So forget them. In the real business world, you can make massive profits by remembering three things:

Now, you have to do a few other things, as a manager your customers right. People are not going to do more business with you unless you treat them right, providing great service, and understand the intimate level. Otherwise, this step all you have to worry about. They intertwine with excellent customer service anyway, so if you practice them well and consistently, you’re going to make all the money you want.

It’s simple when you get down to it, but do not assume it is easy. Businesses can be very frustrating, challenging, and confusing. But at the end of the day, you’ll figure it out if you just go back to the basics. Just sell enough stuff to enough people enough times to enough profit, with maximum efficiency. Keep it simple.

Again, there are a lot of intricacies involved in these three steps. You definitely have to work hard to attract as many customers as possible in the first place, and then winnow them down to a solid core customers. When you get right down to it, business is all about having exciting products or services to offer – whether it is the best burger in town, or the best pipe in the county, or any of hundreds of other things. You just want your products or services to top-quality and unique, so you can be one company in the industry that stands out.

If you have a restaurant, something special on the menu, something outrageous that people will talk about: a two-foot hoagie or five pound burgers, for example. Do something that draws attention to you, because again, the key here is to get enough people to come in constantly, giving you their money on a nice profit.

You do not need 300 pages worth of abstract theory to figure it out. Let’s be straight here: most of the writers could not care less about the business market anyway, especially small businesses. They are trying to appeal to the public. Worse, most of the ideas they promote not easy to apply the practical level, so oftentimes when you seek out information, you end up more frustrated than ever. Stop bothering. Boil it down to the basics. Find or develop a simple formula that gets enough people to give you enough money each business to make a good profit. The same ideas that work on a small scale can be expanded to a million dollar industries if you play your cards right.

I’ve been on the cover of a book about the “success secret” hanging on my wall as a reminder of just how misleading these so-called “experts” are. It is a famous author who has written numerous other books companies – it is not one at the market. Nothing. Well, folks, marketing is everything. The company is marketing: approach constantly trying to attract and keep more of your best customers or clients on the market. That’s it.

It makes me sad that so many people are misled in this way – that so many companies are dying because they just do not realize that marketing should be their # 1 focus. Whenever a company gets complicated, going back to one basic reality and stay there until you get your head straight.

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