What do you do when technology fails?

A lot of companies these days rely on technology for their daily operations. But what happens when technology fails? A lot of companies are panicking about how to make money because they have employees who are young enough to have never worked on a technology environment.

The key here would be to plan ahead and ensure that employees are trained for any eventuality. If life in the company reaches a position where the technology still has a tantrum, then you are not fully prepared and could end up costing a lot of money. If this has happened in your workplace, then read on for some case studies on the areas that were able to continue their lives when the equipment failed.


When people work in an environment of prison, they have responsibilities to the detainees. They should ensure that they are safe and they must ensure that their human rights are not violated.

This involves carrying out checks and maintenance of extensive records. Depending on your state of health and strength, prisoners detained must have welfare checks to ensure they are safe. These controls are carried out at a specific time, with every 15 minutes being the most serious check.

Once employees have the controls, they have to record what they saw in a computer program. For example, if the detainee were sleeping, the employee wrote ‘DP sleep safe and well.’

Now, all this is done on a computer, but how can operate as teams fall or software failure? Well, they have prepared in advance, as their work is serious. They perform their controls using 2 parts carbon paper. One part is kept on a clipboard next to the cell and the other is scanned into the computer when it comes back up again. Then the scan is attached to the file of the detainee and the authorities know that the controls have been made.


In one school, it performed a record of every morning and every evening to make sure that students are in attendance. In the old days, the registration is made in a log book and was given an assistant at the end of the year to file. Accounts then check the records.

Today, the record is done on a computer, or if the school is more influential then logging takes place on a tablet. The record is stored and sent by email to those who need it for your records.

But when equipment fails, they have another way to make the record. Once again, they have planned ahead and have stocked in carbonless paper, because that’s what they use.

Pre order the paper printed with the names of the students in each year, just in case. This saves a lot of time and teachers do not have to sit down and write the names of 32 students in the leaves before they check.

Then, simply put a tick next to the names of each student when they indicate that they are present and keep a copy for your own records. The other copy to the school administrator is then sent so they can scan the registry on your system when computers are working again.

So you can see, the people who prepare and know they can not always rely on computers worry less when teams down. No need to break that companies because they are too dependent on technology. There is always an alternative.

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